Vision & Mission

The Vision of the GPF is:

“To be a partner of choice in catalysing the funding and development of integrated and sustainable human settlements in Gauteng.”


The  Mission of the GPF is:

GPF exists to facilitate the development of integrated, sustainable human settlements for the people of Gauteng by:

  • Raising and managing the capital required for the successful implementation of identified sustainable human settlements;
  • Serving as a turnkey property developer on strategic public land and providing management services; and
  • • Enhancing the lives of people in communities while also providing investors and partners with sound returns.

Our core values are embedded in our culture of professionalism and excellence, and are expressed in the execution of our mandate, vision, mission, goals and objectives.

These shared values are regarded as paramount to the success of the organisation. GPF also recognises that a values-driven leadership approach towards crafting a high-performance culture requires targeted management intervention to ensure that the values are visible and lived by all within the organisation, without exception.