2024 Events

Gauteng Partnership Fund Launches #Kasi4Real in Soweto


On 23 February 2024, the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF), an entity of the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, unveiled its latest innovative funding product, Kasi4Real.

This product aims to revolutionise the landscape of township development by empowering residents to harness the potential of their backyards.

The launch event, held at the iconic Grace Bible Church in Pimville, Soweto, was met with enthusiastic participation from members of the public. Attendees eagerly sought answers regarding eligibility criteria and the intricacies of the programme from the MEC for Human Settlements, Lebogang Maile; CEO of the GPF, Lindiwe Kwele; and the Board Chairperson of the GPF, Craig Cornish. The City of Johannesburg’s Speaker Councillor Margaret Arnolds was also in attendance to lend her support on behalf of the Executive Mayor of Johannesburg.

Kasi4Real offers funding to qualified township-based property owners for the construction of rental units within their yards.

While backrooms have traditionally served as supplementary income streams for many families, Kasi4Real seeks to elevate these endeavours into legitimate businesses. By formalising backyard developments, the programme addresses critical housing shortages while providing residents with a tangible pathway to financial empowerment.

Lindiwe Kwele, the CEO of the GPF, said: “The aim of the programme seeks to address housing shortages and formalise backyard developments in the townships by directly funding potential township developers for residential township developments.”

Recipients of the funding will undergo a comprehensive training and development programme to ensure they are equipped with the skills necessary to effectively manage their rental businesses.

To qualify for funding, applicants must submit a detailed business plan, along with company registration documents and cost estimates for the project. The developments will utilise conventional building materials or innovative prefabricated units, offering flexibility in construction methods.

Moreover, Kasi4Real presents an opportunity for township-based contractors and suppliers to thrive, as funded individuals are required to source materials locally.

Learn more here:

  • To apply for this innovative funding solution to develop township real estate send an email of interest to or call 0116856600 for assistance.

2023 Events

Gauteng Partnership Fund Celebrates Launch of The Wagon Rental Housing Project


Johannesburg – 21 September 2023 – The Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) is proud to announce the successful completion and launch of The Wagon – a 72-unit affordable rental housing development located in Benoni, east of Johannesburg.


The development is co-funded with the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) at a total project cost of R37 788 14 which includes capitalized interest.


The accomplishments of the developers of The Wagon, Ephenia Moeti and Nthabiseng Masithela,  who are the visionary women behind Lekotu Enterprise, symbolise the spirit of transformation that lies at the heart of the GPF’s mission.


The Chairperson of the Gauteng Partnership Fund Board, Mr Craig Cornish stated, “The launch of The Wagon, showcases the innovative and entrepreneurial work done by the Gauteng provincial government, through its entity, the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF):


  • In empowering emerging black property developers to participate in the affordable residential property market, and
  • In facilitating spatial transformation for the benefit of historically disadvantaged individuals and families, by providing affordable housing in areas where they are more integrated within existing communities.”


The Wagon Project is an EEPF project – that is the GPF’s  Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund. The  Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund (EEPF) is for the 100% Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) owned companies. It is an incubator programme designed to promote participation of HDI owned companies in the affordable rental property market.


Over 20 years the GPF  has proven to be a key player in the facilitation of affordable housing developments for Gauteng Province. At the heart of our work lies the mobilization of resources, both financial and technical, to fund and execute crucial projects. The entity has built excellent strategic relationships with property developers and funders and has successfully co-funded projects with senior funders. The GPF is passionate about transforming the property market by encouraging the participation for Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs) to participate in the market.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Gauteng Partnership Fund, Lindiwe Kwele, expressed her heartfelt congratulations, saying, “Today, we joined Ephenia and Ntabiseng to celebrate, not just the opening of a building, but a symbol of empowerment and progress. These two women have shown us what can be achieved through determination and a commitment to excellence. We stand beside them in this remarkable achievement and look forward to further collaborations that will empower communities across Gauteng.”


The GPF extends its gratitude to the Public Investment Corporation, a key co-funding partner, whose support and collaboration were instrumental in bringing this visionary project to life. The strong partnership between the GPF and the Public Investment Corporation demonstrates the collective commitment to building more inclusive and equitable communities in Gauteng.


Board Chairperson of the Gauteng Partnership Fund, Craig Cornish, added, “The Wagon is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential for positive change when organisations join forces. We are grateful to our co-funding partner, the PIC, and are inspired by the tireless efforts of all those involved in seeing this wonderful development to its completion.”


The GPF encourages property developers to familiarise themselves with its products and qualification criteria, before applying for funding. Once they have acquainted themselves with the requirements, they can apply for funding via the GPF’s online platform by visiting the GPF website at


The entity, which offers funding products designed to share project risk with the private sector, is also seeking co-funding partners who share its mission to enhance the lives of people in communities, while also providing investors and partners with sound financial returns.


The Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) is an implementing agency of the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, and is focused on contributing towards spatial transformation in the Gauteng province through the delivery of sustainable, integrated human settlements.


For further information or interview requests, please contact:

Ntombenhle Gwina

Marketing, Communication, and Stakeholder Manager


Mobile: 063 771 4181

SAIBPP Funding Directory


On 6 June 2023, the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) partnered with the SA institute of Black Property Practitioners (SAIBPP) to launch the Funding Directory – a publication that contains key information about funding institutions such as finance institutions and commercial banks, as well as other products suitable for property practitioners looking for external financing in the property sector.

The launch was held at The Capital in Melrose, Johannesburg. The GPF’s Acting Chief Investment and Development Officer, Shiraaz Lorgat delivered the keynote address.

The aim of the Funding Directory is to aggregate the myriad pieces of information about funding into one valuable document that SAIBPP members can use as a reference when embarking on securing finance. A big hurdle for property developers is a lack of adequate information about how and where to access funding.

The GPF offers a range of funding products for property developers with various levels of experience.

“We need programmes that make it easier [for developers] to start. I must also commend the GPF for its excellent Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund (EEPF). A lot of people want to get into property but do not have assets and such,” said Sylvester Martin, President of the SAIBPP.

The Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund (EEPF) is a programme designed to promote participation of previously disadvantaged owned companies in the affordable rental property market.

GPF hosts successful funding seminar in Sandton


The Chief Executive Officer of the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF), Lindiwe Kwele has called on the private sector to join forces with entities such as the one she leads, in order to address the housing shortage in the province.


With hundreds of thousands of people flocking into Gauteng annually, the housing backlog is estimated to be around 1.2 million. Demand for housing continues to outstrip government budgets.


At its inaugural GPF Funding Seminar, which included key stakeholders in the affordable housing sector, Kwele told attendees: “Our clean financial audit reports over the past 13 consecutive financial years are indicative of an organisation with sound financial management and governance processes. This favourable audit status continues to build strong investor confidence.”


She added that “maintaining a positive reputation is essential to the attraction of new investors and sustaining our existing investor partnerships”.


Kwele said that the Gauteng Partnership, which is an agency of the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, responsible for leveraging various resources in collaboration with the private and public sectors to accelerate the delivery of affordable rental housing, had leveraged about R3 billion from the private and public sector since its establishment.


Partnerships with the private sector will go a long way towards addressing this backlog. The GPF has demonstrable experience in this area and is the implementing agent for both its shareholders programmes as well other third parties which have entrusted it with the management of its funds for investment in affordable and social housing as well as student accommodation.



The event, themed: “Twenty years in delivering affordable housing through strategic partnerships”, aimed to explore how the GPF, through the delivery of housing and other spinoffs such as job opportunities spawned by the projects it’s implemented, has positioned itself as a partner of choice for impact investment.


It was also an opportunity to celebrate its 20th anniversary.


The seminar, which was attended by over 270 people – both physically and virtually -, featured several panelists including the newly appointed National Housing Finance Corporation’s CEO, Azola Mayekiso; Zama Khanyile, the Divisional Executive: Venture Capital & Corporate Finance at the National Empowerment Fund; Lusanda Netshitenzhe, the CEO of TUHF21; Lizanne Hennop, the manager of the Property Development Service Unit at Urban-Econ; Wits University senior lecturer, Dr. Prisca Kasanhayi-Simbanegavi; Mandy Jayakody, the director at Aquila Projects, and the GPF’s Acting Chief Investment and Development Officer, Shiraaz Lorgat.


The panel, consisting mainly of government-sponsored institutions, noted the opportunity for its combined resources to be augmented by the R9 trillion assets under management in the retirement fund sector. National Treasury recently amended Regulation 28 of Pensions’ Fund Act, 1956 which provides investment limits per asset class. The massive increase to 45% in the allocation to infrastructure, which includes social infrastructure of which affordable housing is a subset, provides an opportunity for pension funds to get exposure to this asset class through partnerships with institutions such as GPF.

Several property developers whose projects were funded by the GPF gave testimonials, while others took the opportunity to ask for advice on how to access funding for their projects.


The Deputy Director General for Planning & Property Management at the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, Daniel Molokomme added: “The GPF also plays a critical role in the provision of units for student accommodation, as well as social housing. On the critical issue of student accommodation, we are working closely with institutions of higher learning in order to provide a sustainable solution to this societal challenge.”

Meet the speakers for the #GPFFUNDINGSEMINAR

Meet the Panelists for the #GPFFUNDINGSEMINAR

Meet the Master of ceremony for the #GPFFUNDINGSEMINAR

Funding Seminar in Sandton Presentations

2022 Events

GPF, CBE to collaborate on transforming the construction sector


The Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) and the Council for the Built Environment (CBE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Pretoria on 16 August 2022. The two entities committed to driving transformation, promoting professional practice standards through involvement of professionally registered persons, structured candidacy training, and mentorship development.

To achieve the said objectives, the entities will collaborate to transform the built environment through research and innovative alternative building product – with a dedicated focus on the interventions aimed at supporting women, youth, and persons with disabilities.

The CBE CEO, Mr. Msizi Myeza further said, built environment is not only about understanding the process, but it’s also about inspired projects that uplift the quality of life of users.

The GPF CEO, Ms. Lindiwe Kwele said the organisation recognises the importance of having built environment professionals within its domain. The CBE is an overarching body regulating the activities of the six councils for the following built environment professions (CBEPs): engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, quantity surveying, property valuation, and project and construction management.

Kwele said: “This collaborative partnership couldn’t have come at a better time as the GPF commemorates its 20 years of existence. We’ve taken stock of our socioeconomic contribution to our province and whether we’ve meaningfully contributed to spatial transformation and sustainability. Through our review process, with the support of CBE’s research capabilities, we’ll be exploring innovative ways of doing our business including alternative built technologies that could be adopted by our sector.”

She added that the two organisations had agreed to pilot a virtual academy on the GPF pipeline projects as part of developing the next generation of built environment professionals.

GPF joins MEC Maile and Premier Makhura for title deeds handover ceremony at AffriVillage Mega Project


On Thursday, 18 August 2022, the Gauteng Partnership Fund leadership joined the Premier, Mr. David Makhura, and the Human Settlements MEC, Mr. Lebogang Maile for a ceremonial handover of title deeds to beneficiaries at the AffriVillage Mega Project in Randfontein.

The Chairperson of the GPF Board, Ms. Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri led a team that included the GPF CEO, Ms. Lindiwe Kwele; Company Secretary, Ms. Thandi Zide; Corporate Services Executive, Ms. Amanda Clark; and GPF Project Specialist, Mr. Shiraaz Lorgat.

Over 800 eligible beneficiaries were handed their title deeds during the ceremony.

The GPF is an implementing agent of the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements and, among its mandates, is responsible for executing Mega Projects.

Mega Projects are human settlement projects that consist of more than 10 000 residential units and aim to deliver well-planned projects that are located within economically active areas linked to transport infrastructure. They are meant to provide residents with access to social amenities such as schools and retail centers.

When completed, AffriVillage will have an early childhood development center, one primary school, a secondary school, as well as a university. It will also have a clinic and hospital, an industrial park, a taxi rank, and a local community hall.

Premier Makhura told residents during the ceremony: “In 2019 we handed over 100 houses and we are back again three years later to allocate additional houses. Development is continuing in this area, and we are now at 2172 houses.”

MEC Maile spoke of his “excitement” of seeing the progress at AffriVillage.

“This is part of the many other projects that we are doing. We will continue to work hard to better the lives of our people,” he said.

Kwele said: “There’s nothing as heartwarming as knowing that you own something – because having a title deed is part of human dignity. Sometimes, we downplay the significance of having a title deed. It’s also so good to see a lot of women here – it empowers them, especially during Women’s Month.”

“I’m also very proud of the quality of the development and how the residents who already live here have taken care of their environment – we still have the beautification process to come -, but it is such a beautiful story that can be replicated elsewhere in the province. As the GPF, we are humbled and excited to present this beautiful project,” she added.

Gauteng Partnership Fund women revel during Women’s Month brunch


The Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) hosted a Women’s Day brunch at its Sandton offices on Friday, 19 August 2022, to inspire and celebrate the contributions women have made to the organisation as well as their communities.

The brunch was also an opportunity to join the rest of the country in honouring the leaders of the anti-pass women’s march, which took place on 9 August 1956. The march was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Albertina Sisulu, and Sophia Williams-De Bruyn.

Goal-setting coach, Loueen Jones delivered the keynote address – sharing her journey and lessons learned before and after summiting Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jones encouraged the GPF women to set goals for themselves and to remain focused on achieving them.

“You become a completely different person after achieving your goals. You learn so much, and you grow exponentially through goal setting, and you become a different person to when you started setting your goals,” she said.

She also spoke about the challenge of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, saying: “We were prepared to climb the mountain, but nothing prepared us for the difficulty of climbing down!”

“The one lesson I learned from this is that when things get too difficult in life you may have to pause and think deeper about the next step.”

She concluded: “If there is one thing that I want you ladies to remember today, you can do anything that you put your mind to.”

Her address was followed by an animated questions and answers session with the attendees.

The GPF CEO, Ms. Lindiwe Kwele also took the opportunity to encourage staff and remind them of the significance of Women’s Day.

“We cannot celebrate this day without acknowledging the women of 1956 who came to Pretoria from all walks of life to protest against pass laws,” she said

Other speakers included GPF Legal and Compliance Manager, Ms. Thandi Kuzwayo, who gave staff fashion tips; the CIDO, Ms. Leah Manenzhe, who delivered the opening address; and the Corporate Services Executive, Ms. Amanda Clark, who was responsible for introducing the speakers.

Property Mogul, Dr. Sisa Ngebulana headlines GPF’s Guest lecture


On 28 July 2022, the Gauteng Partnership Fund in collaboration with the Youth in Property Association hosted a sold-out Guest Lecture at Wits University’s School of Architecture and Planning’s John Moffat building.


The event, which formed part of the GPF’s 20th-anniversary celebrations, saw both organisations bring key stakeholders under one roof to empower youth in the built environment.


The GPF is an agency of the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements and is mandated to serve as funding and implementing agent for integrated sustainable human settlement developments in the province. One of its various products is the Empowerment Entrepreneur Property Fund, which was designed to promote the participation of historically disadvantaged individuals and companies in the affordable rental property market. Of particular focus for this programme are first-time property developers, especially women and youth.


Award-winning property Mogul and CEO of Rebosis and Billion Group delivered a stirring keynote address marked by a standing ovation at the end.


Between the two companies, about 22 students receive bursaries annually, a school is built every three years, and churches have also been built. Ngebulana mentioned that he is also overseeing the development of “about 55 000 apartments across six different cities around the country”.


He urged the youth to “always aspire to make a difference. Never settle for just living”.


He finished by saying: “Above all, I want to say, always keep God first. If nothing else, it keeps you humble. The chances you take today and onwards, the dreams and goals that you set, and the hard work and discipline that you apply will define your destiny. I thank you and I wish you all the best in your careers.”


The programme, which was moderated by YIPA’s Vice Chairperson for Gauteng, Priscilla Nthai, also featured esteemed academic Dr. Sitsabo Dlamini, award-winning property developers Dandy Matamela, the Founder and Group Chairman of Muma Architects and Property Investments; and Tshepo Lekgau of Tshellaine Holdings, who participated in a panel discussion on making a career in the property sector; as well as the GPF’s Investment Officer, Shiraaz Lorgat.


The GPF CEO, Ms. Lindiwe Kwele said: “We are a country of great contradiction. We are beset by many ills and shortcomings. But we are also a country of great potential. To be in a room packed with driven young people was reassuring because we want to see a vibrant and transformed property sector that can come up with unique and innovative solutions to our housing crisis. We are grateful to have had many of our key stakeholders join us tonight to celebrate our milestones and look ahead to what we hope to achieve as an organisation.”


YIPA CEO, Lwandle Matsinya, spoke briefly about the initiatives and programmes available through the organisation. He added: “When we think of our members and youth, we always say we want to enlighten, empower, and encourage the youth to actively participate in the property industry and the broader South African landscape. Our core pillars are education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.”


The GPF has planned various seminars and project site tours throughout its anniversary year to revisit and showcase some of the organisation’s milestones over the past two decades.


You can watch the entire GPF x YIPA Guest Lecture here:

The GPF Launches Winchester Heights student accommodation development


The Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) hosted a media launch on 24 March 2022 to celebrate the opening of the latest completed student accommodation development known as Winchester Heights.

The launch of the development comes fresh after the opening of The Opal, another student accommodation project, which is in Naturena, south of Johannesburg.

Winchester Heights was developed by Tshellaine Holdings Construction (Pty) Ltd, which is co-owned by Mr. Tshepo Lekgau and Ms. Ellaine Khutsiso Phasha – both historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs). Tshellaine Holdings Construction (PTY) LTD is a 100% BEE Company.

The property is in Winchester Hills, south of Johannesburg, and is 10km from the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto campus. Its 56 units accommodates 224 beds. According to the UJ, student numbers stabilise at around 50, 000 and only around 6, 000 are accommodated in its residences. The demand for off-campus accommodation far exceeds the current supply. Winchester Heights specifically targets students attending the UJ Soweto campus, and the developers provide transport to and from the campus.

The developer has student accommodation property industry experience. They currently lease 35 units at Southgate Ridge housing 140 students. They have been accredited with the University of Johannesburg to offer off-campus accommodation since 2013.

The GPF is a capital-raising and project implementing agent of the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements and, as such, the event was supported by the MEC for Human Settlements, Urban Planning and COGTA, Lebogang Maile. MEC Maile was hosted by the GPF Board Chairperson, Hlengiwe Bhengu-Motsiri and several members of the GPF board, as well as the GPF CEO, Lindiwe Kwele.

In his address, MEC Maile stressed the need for similar affordable quality student accommodation. He said: “It is critical for the success of not only individual students but for South Africa as a whole, because the shortage of accommodation is dehumanising for students – mostly those from historically disadvantaged background. It has a direct effect on their academic prospects, too.”

Having opened at the beginning of 2022, the co-owners said the property was already over 50% occupation. A handful of students even joined the event – including one Nompiloenhle Mabena, a fourth year Public Management and Governance student at UJ, who said she felt safe and comfortable within her digs.

The GPF Chairperson, Bhengu-Motsiri said: “Affordable, quality student accommodation at public higher education institutions is the responsibility of the state, the university and society at large. This means we need to create a social compact, encouraging private sector investment in order to address this most urgent need and, as we do so, we should be cognisant of the fact that student housing should be more than just the provision of beds; it should, just as importantly create living, learning and social communities, an environment that stimulates learning and innovation so that students that come out of our institutions of higher learning are not just ready for the job market but are also globally competitive.”

In her vote of thanks, the GPF CEO said the delivery of Winchester Heights was “the culmination of sheer hard work and determination” from all parties involved.

“To the community leaders and business forums here, the entire construction team, service delivery partners, the municipality, and the GPF project team, I would like to thank you for your pivotal role,” she said.

“To the students, we urge you to be custodians of this development and ensure that it remains immaculate long after you have vacated your units. I also want to wish you well for this academic year.”



The Gauteng Partnership Fund hosted a successful stakeholder forum at The Galleria, Sandton, on the 23rd of February 2022.

The purpose of the event was for the GPF to reintroduce itself to key stakeholders, while also using the opportunity to present the revised GPF strategic plan 2020 – 2025, encourage borrowers to pay their loans, and explore the various opportunities available to developers at the GPF.

In opening, the chairperson of the GPF Ms. Hlengiwe Bhengu-Motsiri stressed the importance of cultivating strategic partnerships between the private and public sector, saying it would enable the GPF to continue to deliver on its mandate post the Covid-19 pandemic. She also used the opportunity to introduce the newly appointed CEO of the GPF, Ms. Lindiwe Kwele, and backed her to successfully steer the organisation on its path to delivering on its mandates.

Ms. Kwele presented the revised strategy of the GPF and reiterated that the priority of the organisation was to pool resources from the private and public sectors to realise the goal of seeing decent housing close to amenities.

“We aim to build cities where people can work, live, and play,” she said.

Furthermore, she made a call for women-led entities to apply for funding to build affordable rental housing and student accommodation. “We are passionate about empowering and encouraging women to participate in property development,” she added.

Thereafter, a panel discussion featuring Ms. Kwele; Chief Investment Officer, Ms. Leah Manenzhe; Gauteng Department of Human Settlements’ Acting DDG in Programme Management, Ms. Phumzile Maseko Seipobi; and the Acting Chief Financial Officer of the GPF, Mr. Godfrey Mathabathe was held. The plenary session explored opportunities available for property developers, the relationship between the GPF and funding partners, as well as the importance of a healthy loan book. Attendees were afforded opportunities to seek advice and put forward possible solutions to various issues.


Ms. Manenzhe also took the opportunity to speak briefly about a new product in the works known as Kasi-4-Real, saying: “The kasi-4-Real will focus on funding property developers interested in building backrooms. The details around the funding criteria will be released once its finalized.”

Three property developers who had received funding from the GPF to deliver mega projects, rental housing, and student accommodation were also invited to speak on their experiences of working with the GPF and the respective challenges in implementing their projects.

They lauded the GPF on the efficient and quick payment of invoices which they identified as being key to ensuring that construction progressed smoothly. The co-owner of The Opal student accommodation, Mr. Mulalo Tshitema attributed the completion of Bono ahead of schedule due to this. First time property developer Mabana Makhakhe, from the Phahamo Property Group, thanked the GPF for the support provided to her and her partners during the development of their project.

“The fact that we are now talking about future projects and working with the GPF again means we are clients in good standing,” she said to raucous applause.

The stakeholder forum was well attended both in-person and virtually.

2020 Events



The Gauteng MEC for Human Settlements, Urban Planning and COGTA, Lebogang Maile, Ekurhuleni Mayor, Mr Mzwandile Masina and the Chairperson of GPF Ms Mahlengi Bhengu today launched Rehoboth Hills affordable housing development in Germiston, Ekurhuleni.

Rehoboth Hills project was launched under the ambit of the GPF’s Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund (EEPF), an incubator programme that was established in 2010 to encourage emerging black property developers to participate in the affordable housing residential property market.

Rehoboth Hills project has one and two bedrooms apartments. This affordable rental accommodation will be expected to provide much-needed accommodation for the citizens of Ekurhuleni. For information on rental please contact Mafadi Management letting sales on 072 213 5421, 062182 2857, 068 587 4391 email:

Student Accommodation Summit 29 October 2020


GPF partnered with Africa Insights at their 2nd Annual Affordable Student Housing Summit on the 29th October 2020. Shiraaz Lorgat who is an Investment Officer at the GPF, presented “Affordable Student Housing Opportunities within the Gauteng Partnership Fund: Student Accommodation, Funding Models and Investment Processes”

Minister Sisulu visits mixed use development project promoting inclusive housing, social amenities and open spaces, commercial and industrial opportunities


On Sunday 14th June 2020 Ms Mahlengi Bhengu, Chairperson of the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF), Chief Executive Officer Simphiwe Dzengwa and Chief Investment Officer, Ms Vinolia Mashiane accompanied Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu at the handing over of houses at the Elijah Barayi village in the West Rand.


“The Gauteng Partnership Fund is delighted to be a turnkey partner in the initiative that resulted in today’s event in which we celebrate the handing over of housing units to communities in the Elijah Barayi Village,”said Ms Mahlengi Bhengu.


This project is an example of what can be achieved through productive partnerships between all three spheres of government, development finance institutions, the private sector, and civil society to move people from informal settlements to the dignity of formal housing.


The core mandate of the Gauteng Partnership Fund is to raise and structure the capital required for the implementation of mega projects in Gauteng. We focus on turnkey development by providing property management services for strategic property assets that are transferred to the province for this purpose.


Ms Mahlengi Bhengu stated that the Elijah Barayi Mega Project is one such initiative in which GPF worked closely with government, the private sector, and communities to deliver much-needed housing in the Merafong Local Municipality. When completed the project will successfully deliver almost 12 500 housing units as well as schools, social amenities and commercial developments.


This will contribute greatly to the eradication of informal settlements on the West Rand and address the dire shortage of housing in the province.

The project is making a significant economic impact within the community through job creation and support for local suppliers, small and medium enterprises and companies owned by women and the youth.

To date the project has delivered 587 completed units and a further 2 318 units which are rapidly nearing completion. If you look around the area you will notice many other buildings that are in different stages of construction.

2019 Events

Deputy Minister David Mahlobo visited the inner City of Johannesburg


On the 20th October 2019, Deputy Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation David Mahlobo visited inner City of Johannesburg to inspect the progress of the Urban Renewal Projects as funded by government and private sector partners. The deputy minister was accompanied by Director General, Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF), National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC), Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA), Housing Development Agency (HDA) and private developers, where they visited affordable rental housing units. To date GPF in partnership with NHFC and SHRA has facilitated the development of 20 000 units in Gauteng of which a majority are in the inner City of Johannesburg. Projects visited in the Inner City of Johannesburg included:

Plein Street Social Housing Project

Brickfields Gardens – Phase 2

Jewel City Urban Renewal

Kelvin Student Accommodation and

Turffontein Social Housing Projects

Montrose Mega Project

Media Site Tour to Montrose Mega Project


The Montrose Mega Project Media Site Tour was held on the 03rd May 2019. The objective of the event was to showcase the integrated and socio-economic opportunities and to give status updates on the project. The site tour was spearheaded by the MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Human Settlements Dikgang Uhuru Moiloa accompanied by the MMC of Human Settlements in Rand West City Local Municipality, Brenda Mahuma, MMC of Human Settlements in West Rand District Municipality Councillor Diteko Moreotsenye, Other MMCs and officials from Rand West City Local Municipality, West Rand District Municipality, SCM the Developers of Montrose, Board members of GPF, Chairperson Lindiwe Mthimunye and Nangamso Maponya, CEO of GPF, Mr Simphiwe Dzengwa.


Montrose is a mixed housing development consisting of a mix of affordable housing, low-cost housing, and up-market residential housing. The project is located in the Rand West Municipality, on the South End, opposite Mohlakeng. The development offers an estimated development yield of 13792 (Phase 1- 5602, Phase 2 – 9190) units.

The project consists of the following typologies: BNG/RDP Housing, Community Residential Units, Social Housing, Multi-Storey BNG/RDP, Affordable Housing and the Military Veterans housing units. There are currently 262 houses under construction.

The Social amenities will include state of the art Shopping Mall, Schools, Medical Facilities, a Community Centre, an Early Learning Facility, Filling Stations, Picnic Areas, Nursery/Creche, Walking Paths, Children’s Play Parks and a Facility of Religion.

Affri – Village

The launch, handover of houses and media tour at Affri-village Mega Project


The Affri-village Mega Project was launched on the 02nd May 2019. A Media Site tour was also held on the day to showcase integration and socio-economic opportunities within the Mega Cities and to give status updates of the project. The site tour was spearheaded by the MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Human Settlements Dikgang Uhuru Moiloa, MMC of Human Settlements in Rand West City Local Municipality, Brenda Mahuma, MMC of Human Settlements in West Rand District Municipality Councillor Diteko Moreotsenye, Other MMCs and officials from Rand West City Local Municipality, West Rand District Municipality, Mwalima Holdings, the Developers of Affri-Village in partnership with Xanado Trade (JV) and Alliance Construction, Board members of Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF), Pakie Mphahlele, Timothy Sukazi and Nangamso Maponya.


Affri- Village is located in Randfontein within Rand West Local Municipality. The 1st phase of the project consists mainly of the Multi- Storey BNG/RDP units. The first phase was completed by end of April 2019 and 1000 units were ready for handover. About 1000 community members from across the West Rand District Municipality and surrounding areas received their new apartments. Affri-Village Mega City consists of 9 880 units; it includes a shopping centre, four Business Facility Sites, four Crèches, two Primary School and one Secondary School.


The launch took the format of public and stakeholder events where the department and GPF outlined their milestones and celebrated the milestones reached.


The second phase of the project will yield 1172 Multi-Storey BNG/RDP units and it was rolled out in 2019/20 financial year. The development has created economic opportunities for 89 local contractors from (Finsbury, Mohlakeng, Local Wards, Brandvlei and Toekomsrus) and 524 job opportunities.
Phase three, four and five of the project will be located in Magaliesig and it will have different typologies of housing units. The project will commence with phase 3 with 624 housing units, followed by phase 4 with a total of 1622 housing units. Phase 5 will be the last phase of the development and it will have 5600 units.

Elijah Barayi Launch

2018 Events

Thembelihle Project Launch

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John Dube Launch

Elijah Barayi

Rama City

Infrastructure Funding Summit

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2016 Events

EEPF Awards Gala Dinner

2015 Events

GPF Awarded Clean audit by the AGSA

The Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) received a clean audit opinion for the year ended 31st March 2015.

This was a remarkable achievement and an accolade for the GPF as it was acknowledged by the Audit General of South Africa that to sustain such a clean audit report involves a lot of hard work and dedication from the GPF team.

Also it would not have been possible to receive such a clean audit report without the guidance, leadership and support of our Executive Authority, the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements and the GPF Board.

“GPF has been attaining clean audits for more than eight consecutive years,” says the Chief Executive Officer of GPF, Mr Boni Muvevi.

“The attainment of clean audit is underpinned by our value of executing our housing mandate in a transparent, accountable and ethical manner,” Boni emphasized.

Affordable Housing Indaba Presentation_25March2015(MMC Joshua Ngonyama)

AHI Presentation. Vinolia Mashiane

GPF 2015 MEC Speech

GPFPowerpoint_ Affordable Housing Indaba CEO Presentation. Boni Muvevi

Affordable rental presentation_HOD(GDHS)

EEPF Press Release Eagle Valley February 2015

Vinolia Mashiane GPF Background

Katleho Nchapha GPF Powerpoint EEFPF

Victor Mvudi Mentorship Presentation

Peter Le Roux GPF Town Planning

Dr Johan Lourens GPF Geotech Presentation

Arnold Muganhu Presentation

Lerato Madalane Energy Presentation

Siyupwa Mataa Project Costing Presentation

Rudzani Mamphaga Bruzar GPF Induction

EEPFP Induction Feb 2015

Prop Dev EEPFP2

GPF Awarded Clean audit by the AGSA

2014 Events

Property Entrepreneur Seminar 2014 (Pretoria)

GPF CEO Presentation

GPF CIO Presentation

NHFC Presentation

TUHF Presentation

GPF Business Plan Development

Trafalgar Presentation

Property Entrepreneur Seminar 2014 (Johannesburg)

GPF Business Plan Development

NHFC Presentation

SAIBPP Presentation 2014

TUHF Presentation

AFHCO Tips and Traps

GPF CEO Presentation

CIO Presentation

EEPF induction Workshop July 2014

Nhlanhla Mtobi GPF- eQuate Presentation

Katleho Nchapha Entrepreneur Property Fund

Marius Marais Change your world

EEPF Workshop Feb 2014

EEPFP Induction Feb 2014 Programme

Anton Gollub AG EEPP Helping to Build SA

Bakang Moeng TAP Construction Management

Francois Viruly State of the Residential Property

Henry Chitsulo Intro to Property Development

Katleho Nchapha GPF Powerpoint EEFPF

Maruis Architecture Presentation

Nhlanhla Mtombi eQuatePresentation

Peter Gray GPFNew Developers Presentation

Vinolia Mashiane GPF Background

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EEPFP 2013

Katleho Nchapha Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund Programme 

Anton Gollub Mentorship Overview

Tebogo Nokwane Township Planning Aspects of Property Development 

Henry Chitsulo Intro to Property Development

Pusetso Makote Project Cost Estimates

Lesley Padayachee Construction Management

Oupa Mareletse NHFC Presentation

Martin Argimon Project Management

Henry Chitsulo Property Investments

Ingrid Van Biljon Property Management

Tsietsi Madonsela Lutendo Valuers

SAPOA Breakfast March 2013

Kutoane Kutoane GPF Mandate and Strategy 2013/14-2015/16

Boni Muvevi Opportunities in the Affordable Housing

Vinolia Mashiane Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund Programme

Shiraaz Lorgat Insight in to the Social Housing Programme

Adelaide Steedley Filling in the Gaps in the Affordable Housing Market

2012 Events

Affordable Housing Indaba 2012 Downloads

The GPF Story Kutoane Kutoane

Trends in the SA Housing Market Prof Francois Viruly

Navigating the Gap Kecia Rust

HOD OF GDLGH Mr Mongezi Mnyan

Media Statement : Affordable Housing Indaba