Active Tenders

 Request for information

Name Of Tender: Invitation to service providers to submit their companies that are classified under the following disciplines (Youth owned companies, Women-owned companies, and People with Disabilities)

Closing Date of Submission: 31 March 2023.

Request for proposal

Name Of Tender: The establishment of panel for the provision of honey suckers on an ad-hoc basis at all Informal settlements around Gauteng for a period of 36 months.

Bid Number: RFP/024/2022

Closing Date and Time: 09 December 2022 @11h00

Name Of Tender: Request to landowners/developers to avail serviced stands located within the Gauteng province for acquisition and development consideration.

Bid Number: RFP/002/2022

Closing Date and Time: 02 December 2022 @11h00

Name Of Tender: Panel of recruitment services including talent identification, and competency assessments for a 36 months (three years) period.

Bid Number:RFP004/22

Closing Date and Time: 06 December 2022 @11h00