What we do

The four (4) Strategic outcome-oriented Goals are as follows:


  1. Capital required for identified mega projects and strategic urban renewal (bad buildings) programmes effectively and efficiently raised, managed and invested.
  2. Gauteng’s identified mega projects implemented and developed efficiently and speedily.
  3. Identified strategic urban renewals properties and GPF turnkey Mega Project property assets are developed, managed, maintained and disposed of, to generate additional revenue for GPF and the capital for Mega projects.
  4. GPF financially sustainable, managed and governed effectively and efficiently.

Capital Raising: Use of public sector funding to leverage additional funding and facilitate capital flows into integrated, sustainable human settlements through the formation of strategic partnerships with local and international donors, development finance institutions and private sector partners.

Project Preparation: Through the development of bankable feasibility studies and innovative funding interventions as a mechanism to entice capital market investment.

Project Financing: Through an equitable risk sharing model. Serving as a catalyst to ensure that other funding sources are enticed to participate in funding of projects.

Project Implementation: To provide an oversight and monitoring role for mega projects. This is to ensure delivery of housing units in an integrated approach.

Property Development: To maintain, secure, develop and leverage the value of the land/property to unlock funding for development.