The strategic outcome of Mega projects is captured by the Premier, as follows:


“[The] better management of our human settlement delivery efforts…will promote social and economic inclusion. In our view, a post-apartheid city must mirror our overall commitment to a society that is truly equal, where there is expanded access to socio-economic opportunities and where there is dignity and prosperity for all”.

  • In essence, there two strategic outcomes to Mega projects: to accelerate a comprehensive human delivery; and to establish a new set of post-apartheid urban development for Gauteng. The specifics are elaborated below.


There are five strategic pillars to Mega projects:


  • Phasing out of Legacy Projects: This pillar entails a two pronged processes: One seeks to fast track the winding down to completion of all legacy projects; and the second entails the Rapid Land Release to facilitate the handover of serviced stands to qualifying beneficiaries who would in turn build their own houses over time;
  • Scaling up the delivery of Mega Projects: A strategic move towards the embryonic Gauteng post-apartheid new towns;
  • Beneficiary Administration and issuing Title Deeds: The objective outcome here is to optimise the administration of housing to the beneficiaries. This entails the cleaning up of the housing waiting list and updating the issuing of Title Deeds;
  • The Upgrading of Informal Settlements and Hostels: This entails short term interventions in informal settlement, and hostels. Both instances, effective deal with issues of water and sanitation. Other critical issues to be addressed include: public lighting to curb acts of criminality; develop a child friendly environment, and factoring an enabling infrastructure and environment for individuals living with disability. The broader objective outcome is to eventually phase out informal settlements and hostels as the post –apartheid new cities emerge and take shape, and
  • Resuscitating Urban Renewal: The objective outcome here is to rejuvenate the inner city through the Bad Buildings Programme.