Gauteng Partnership Fund
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The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements’ (GDHS) mandate is to “ensure the provision of housing and the effective functioning of local government across the province in order to build sustainable communities and facilitate shared and equitable social and economic growth and development”.

In support of the GDHS mandate and as a GDHS Public Entity, the mandate of the GPF is derived from its Deed of Trust, 2002. As stated in the trust deed, “the objective of the trust is to contribute directly or indirectly to the development, construction, upgrading, conversion or procurement of housing units for the benefit of persons who form part of the class of persons who have been nominated, or will be nominated in the future, as beneficiaries of the trust”.

Based on the above, the GPF has a specific mandate to:

  • Form partnerships to address funding blockages and bottlenecks within the sustainable human settlements sector;
  • Facilitate investment capital flows into integrated developments as per the sustainable human settlements policy framework;
  • Facilitate equitable risk sharing project financing;
  • Participate in affordable housing projects through innovative funding interventions (as a mechanism to entice capital market investment into this market); and
  • Facilitate and implement the delivery of affordable housing projects.

It is within this context then that the GPF defines its purpose and strategic intent.