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GPF’s Mandate

The Department of Local Government and Housing (DLGH) mandate is to “ensure the provision of housing and the effective functioning of local government across the province in order to build sustainable communities and facilitate shared and equitable social and economic growth and development”. 

In support of the DLGH mandate and as a DLGH Public Entity, the mandate of the GPF is derived from the Trust Deed, 2002. In terms of the Deed, the GPF has a specific mandate to:

  • Form partnerships to address funding blockages and bottlenecks within the sustainable human settlements sector;
  • Facilitate investment capital flows into integrated developments as per the sustainable human settlements policy framework;
  • Facilitate equitable risk sharing project financing; and
  • Participate in Social Housing Projects through innovative funding interventions with Social Housing Institutions (as a mechanism to entice capital market investment into this market).

The Vision of the Gauteng Partnership Fund

“To be the partner of choice in the mobilisation and optimisation of funding; and a leading catalyst in the development of integrated human settlements in Gauteng”

The Mission of the Gauteng Partnership Fund

In achieving the above vision, the GPF defines its mission as follows:
“As a public housing delivery vehicle, we pro-actively leverage sustainable human settlements, by:  

  • Facilitating dynamic collaboration with a network of public and private sector partners,
  • Mobilising new and innovative funding streams for projects,
  • Gearing private sector finance to ensure better bankability of projects,
  • Ensuring accountability, monitoring and efficiency in the implementation of projects,

thereby ensuring coordinated effort by both the public and private sector in sustainable human settlements delivery”.

The Gauteng Partnership Fund’s role is to bridge the gap between government and the private sector on affordable housing projects.

GPF's Offering: 

  • Rental Housing Fund.
  • Emerging Entrepreneur Empowerment Property Fund.
  • Social Housing Fund.
  • Student Accommodation Fund.
  • Management of social housing institutional subsidies.
  • Strategic partnerships projects (banks and development finance institutions).
  • Facilitation of rental capital into integrated housing developments.
  • Unlocking funding blockages and bottlenecks in housing.

Bee Status

Black = 90% 
White = 10%